Strider Milers

Nashville "Striders Milers" Club
The Nashville Striders mission is to promote running, walking, and general fitness as lifelong endeavors.
We’re excited to continue the "Striders Milers" club for 2024. Participation is simple. Most important is that you are a current member of the Nashville Striders. By running or walking the miles listed below within a calendar year and satisfying the volunteer requirements, a current club member will receive a free customized "Striders Milers" gift.

Qualifying tiers for the calendar year:
            Gold:   1500 Miles
            Silver: 1000 Miles
            Bronze: 500 Miles

Here’s how it works:
A.  Maintain a training log of all the mileage you run/walk during the month. Race mileage counts. 
Sample Form.
B. At the end of each month, enter your monthly mileage. Our Program Coordinator will send out via email a link to the log spreadsheet. You can also reach the program coordinator directly at who will record mileage for each month. Races count, training runs, and walks count!
C.  Results will be posted monthly on the Nashville Striders Website.
D.  Results will be published in the bi-monthly Funrunner.
E.  Volunteer requirement for eligibility:
     1.     Each participant must volunteer for at least three (3) Nashville Striders-managed events (this can
             be races, training runs, booth duty at expos, etc).  See details on events and other ways to earn
             volunteer points at Volunteer
     2.     For at least one of the three (3) events, the participant must work two shifts and not run/walk
             in any race at that event.
     3.     This means working at least one (1) shift during at least two (2) other events whether you run/walk
             or not.
     4.     Participants can opt out of volunteering and will have the option to purchase the annual award
             at club cost. 
     5.     Volunteer points accumulated apply simultaneously toward qualifying for both the Grand Prix and
             Striders Milers programs.
F.  At the end of the calendar year, participating members who have achieved the mileage and completed the
     volunteer requirements will be presented with a complimentary custom Nashville “Striders Milers” award.  
G. For Youth 16 & under, the “300 Mile Club” will be implemented in the same format.
H. You must be a current Nashville Striders Member in good standing to participate.
I.  It is the participant’s responsibility to keep accurate track of monthly mileage and communicate the
     mileage each month no later than the 2nd Monday following the end of the month. 
Any current member may participate.  If you are not already a member, sign up now to participate.