The purpose of this program is to reach out to those in need. 
The Nashville Striders ReachOut Committee will gather donations of race shirts and other clothing at training runs and other events/races for distribution within the community. Designated containers will be available for your donations.

We will welcome donations of clothing items in children's or adult sizes that are clean and in good condition. All of the donations will be accounted for and delivered to the recipients by the Striders ReachOut Committee.

Some examples of targeted recipients include:
Children's Homes; Seniors on fixed incomes; shelters; and other families on low or fixed incomes.

For further information please contact the ReachOut Committee at If you know of an individual or group in need of assistance, please include specific information in your email.

Holiday Season 2015

CJ Gibbs organized the donations collected by the Striders' Reachout Program through the year and distributed them to various organizations in late November and early December. As noted below, she also spent some time helping these organizations distribute food to those in need.

Photos of the items she distributed are located in the Gallery

November 21st
Bridges of Williamson County
#4 pieces of luggage
#8 carry bags
#13 purses


Spent the day giving out turkeys with full meals to the families that have left the shelter and are in their reachout program. 

November 23rd
The Arc in Nashville
#80 t-shirts
#5 sweatshirts
#1 coat
#5 pair dresspants
#1 blue carry bag
#1 pair sweatpants
#1 jackets
Socks and undergarments


November 27

Cumberland Healthcare Nursing Home

I had an old friend that passed away who was my next door neighbor. She had #185 pieces of clothing. Sweaters, coats, housecoats, pj’s, bras, t-shirts, dress pants and shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, dresses, vests, jeans, socks, and skirts.
#11 purses
#20 pairs of shoes 


November 27th
Room In The Inn
#41 sweatshirts
#29 T-shirts
#10 md scrubs
#2 jackets 

November 27th
Place Of Hope
#11 coats/jackets
#1 blanket
#3 carry bags
#134 t-shirts and dress shirts
#27 pair socks, bras, panties
#4 winter scarfs
#13 water bottles
#2 water jugs
#1 juicemaker
#4 rubbermaid containers with lids

Lamp, 2 drawer wooden file cabinet, razors, soap, shampoo, trash bags, ziploc bags, plastic cups, napkins, cds and cassettes, mousepad, pens, paper, magnets, folders, files, stickers, notepads, binders, envelope openers, stapler, tape dispenser, pen holder, floor rest, basket stand, picture frames.

November 30
Welcome Home Ministries
#90 t-shirts 

December 1st
Project Return
#90 t-shirts 

December 1st
The Next Door
#60 t-shirts 

December 19th
Bridges of Williamson County
#24 stuffed animals
#64 childrens shirts
#11 gift cards purchased from our program

Children’s book, bibs, bottles, crayons, mirror table set, grocery cart, candy, chocolates, small toys, socks, coat, Barbie doll collectible.

Spent the morning handing out hams with meals to the families that have left the shelter and are in their reachout program, and helped load all of their christmas presents donated from sponsors.

Easter, 2015
CJ Gibbs stopped by the ARC/American Veterans of Nashville and dropped off 85 T shirts, 10 pairs of shoes and a number of other items such as shorts, coats, and pants. 


Christmas, 2014

CJ Gibbs visited the Bridges of Williamson County Battered Women's Shelter for Christmas. Unlike many other visits to those in need, this trip provided mainly items that could be used by children. It also included gift cards so that each woman could get items that were individualized to her needs.

This was the 36th delviery made by the Nashville Strider's Reach Out Program. Remember to bring your gently used items, complimentary toiletries you pick up in hotel rooms or items you would like to share with those in need to Strider managed races and drop them off in the Reach Out bin.


November 10, 2014

CJ Gibbs visited the Place of Hope on November 10. She left them with:
19 water bottles
15 pair shoes
17 pair of socks
70 items toddler clothing
7 carry bags
5 sweaters
82 shirts shorts and other items
10 tech shirts
4 pair jeans
3 dress pants
5 pair sweatpants
The Place of Hope
recovery for substance and alcohol abuse 




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